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Custom Leaf Spring Packs

Murphy’s Frame and Axle can design custom leaf springs for most any suspension project you may have — individual leafs, or complete leaf spring packs!  You provide the measurements and we handcraft high quality leaf springs, to your specifications!

Yes, we can ship our custom leaf spring packs nationwide!

This Quote Form is for Complete Spring Packs.  If you are looking for Individual Leaf Springs, see this Quote Form instead.

Complete Leaf Spring Packs for Vehicles:

By providing your Vehicle Year, Make and Model, we can usually research and find the leaf spring pack configuration and quote this for you. You can use the Comments box to give us any additional information. We will follow-up with any questions that we have, before providing the quote.

Complete Leaf Spring Packs for Other Applications:

If you have a special application, just note “Other” below and describe your needs as best as you can in the Comments box. We will follow up with any questions that we have, before providing the quote. You might find the following Measurement Chart handy, in describing your needs to us:

A – Measure from the Center Pin Bolt Hole to one end of the leaf.
B – Measure from the Center Pin Bolt Hole to the other end of the leaf.
C – Measure the Arc (height of leaf).
D – Overall Thickness of Leaf Pack
W – Width of the leaf.  We offer widths from 1.75″ to 4.00″
T – Thickness of an individual leaf.  We offer leafs from 3/8″ to 1/2″ thick

We will also need to know what type of Eye you require on the ends:

Custom Leaf Spring Pack Quote Request Form

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    Vehicle Information: (If not for a Vehicle, skip this section)


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    (example: Chevrolet)


    (example: Tahoe)

    Additional Details, Questions, etc.:



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